Monday, October 27, 2014

SPListItem Extension Methods To Get And Set Field Values

Followings are the extension methods for SPListItem class.

Single line of text, Multiline lines of text and Choice(Single)

Choice (Multiple)

Number, Currency


Lookup (Single)

Lookup (Multiple)



User Collection

Hyperlink or Picture

Managed Metadata (Single)

Managed Metadata (Multiple)

You can download SPListItemExtensions.cs file containing all above extension methods.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Relative Path Using SPUrlExpressionBuilder & URL Tokens

Many time you need to provide relative path when you are working with image, js or css files. Of course you can use hard coded (Absolute) path but it fails after changing domain name or environment. Absolute path is more useful when linking to another website. You can also build relative path using ../ but it fails when you add reference in master page.

Fortunately, SharePoint provides SPUrlExpressionBuilder and URL tokens to generate the relative url. You can use following url tokens:
  • ~Site - Resolve to current web
  • ~SiteCollection - Resolve to current site collection root
URL Tokens can be use only with server side control. Followings are snippets to generate the relative url:






Server side

SharePoint 2013 search users/group autocomplete with presence 2.0

Recently I have updated my SharePoint 2013 search users/group auto complete with presence plugin on CodePlex. Now it will look for search suggestions along with users.


  • Update SharePoint 2013 search input box to search people with the presence
  • Redirect to Profile page on selection [optional]
  • Show user picture with presence [optional]
  • Show search suggestions


  • SharePoint 2013
  • jQuery 1.8.x +
  • jQuery UI JS 1.10.x
  • jQuery UI CSS 1.10.x

Solution Deployment

  • Deploy Arya.SearchUser.wsp using following PowerShell Command:
    add-spsolution -LiteralPath "SOLUTION_LOCATION\Arya.SearchUser.wsp"
  • Activate "SearchUserFeature" for particular WebApplication from Central Admin

Manual Installation


mySiteUrl :

My site url. User will redirect to profile page url. default: ""
e.g. http://PROFILEURL/person.aspx?accountname=NETWORID

redirectToProfilePage :

If true then user will be redirected to profile page url on selection. default: false

maxSuggetions :

Maximum suggestions to display. default: 10


Show user picture. default: true


Show Gmail like text avatar in case user profile image in not available. default: false


Show search suggestions. default: true


Principal type to search. default: 1
  • 0 - User, DL, SecGroup, SPGroup
  • 1 - User
  • 2 - DL
  • 4 - SecGroup
  • 8 - SPGroup

Enable search suggestions:

  • Go to Central Admin
  • Click on "Manage service applications" under "Application Management"
  • Click on Search Service Application
  • Click on "Query Suggestions" under "Queries and Results" in left navigation
  • Check "Show search suggestions" and click "Save Settings"

Search without picture

Search with picture

Contact card

You can download the latest source code from codeplex